Golden Crate Ticket Guide

In COD Mobile Season 3 there is a way to get Golden crate for free by collecting 10 golden crate ticket.

Find out how to get golden crate ticket and how to exchange the golden crate here!

Golden Crate Ticket Overview

COD Mobile Golden Crate Ticket - zilliongamer

In COD Mobile Golden crate ticket is use to exchange golden crate in store in Season 3. You will need to collect 10 tickets to exchange for 1 crate.

How to Collect Golden Crate Ticket

Golden crate ticket is available to buy inside credit store and it's only cost you 60 credits per ticket. However, you can only buy 4 ticket per day which take you 3 days to exchange 1 crate.

Another way that can get you 10 golden crate ticket is to complete in time-limited weekly challenge.

How to Exchange Golden Crate Ticket

In order to exchange golden crate ticket or redeem the season 3 golden crate you need to go to your loadout and tap on the inventory tab.

From there you will see your golden crate ticket and its amount, once you've reach 10 it will lead you to the season 3 golden crate.

Tap on buy 1 using Golden crate ticket and pray for a good item.


This golden crate ticket is a free chance that you can get legendary gun like ak117 medieval and more! You can get the ticket for the next 48 days if you have a lot of credits laying around.

Don't forget to share us what you've got from the crate using free golden crate ticket in the comment down below. (: