COD Mobile Shield Turret Scorestreak Guide

View Shield Turret scorestreak in COD Mobile covering how to use and how to get it here.

Scorestreak Overview

COD Mobile Shield Turret Scorestreak | zilliongamer

Shield Turret is a manual sentry gun that has very high damage and good fire rate, it can be deploy on almost any surfaces and pick back up to use it elsewhere.

Scorestreaks required for unlock Shield turret: 300 (Beta server).

How to use Shield Turret

When activate Shield Turret you need to place its on a surface then you need to operate the turret, and start blasting the enemy with ultimate ammo and no muzzle heat (not yet maybe).

How to use Shield Turret in COD Mobile | zilliongamer

The Shield Turret can turn 360º, and it has a health bar displaying at the bottom, it can be destroyed and will self destroyed when firing reach a limit of time.

Use Shield Turret in COD Mobile | zilliongamer

Shield turret is a great scorestreak to use for defending purpose, it most effective is to use when holding hardpoint, and domination.

How to get Shield Turret scorestreak

Currently in Public beta test server season 9 you can equipped it in the scorestreaks section, it aren't available to use in the live server yet.


In conclusion, Shield Turret is another new scorestreak that help strengthen the defend in objective gamemode. You will be able to get the Shield Turret in COD Mobile Season 9.

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