COD Mobile Ranking System Guide: How Ranks Work

In COD Mobile ranks is very popular amongst veterans who play the game for a long time, it’s more challenging and more intense compared to normal matches.

Find out how COD Mobile Ranks work here as well as extra tips to help you rank up well.

COD Mobile Ranks & Rank Types

There are 2 rank types in COD Mobile, Multiplayer ranked and Battle Royale ranked with 32 ranks in each rank type.

COD Mobile Ranking System

As shown in the image above, you will rank up progressively after you finish your match, rank point is judged by your Kill / Death ratio and win / loss in each match.

Ranks also help you match up with players at your level so if you are a very good players, you will most likely playing against another very good players to get that rank point.

On the other hand, for Battle Royale, the ranking system will decide based on your surviving time as well as kill points that you get in each battle royale match.

The longer you survive and the highest amount of elimination you can get out of a match will result in getting a lot of ranked points for yourself.

Keeps in mind that you can also lose ranked point and demoted back to smaller ranks if you keeps losing the game so try not to be stressful when you lose, relax and pick up the game again after you starts wanting to play it again.

There are also a lot of rewards that make your rank grind fun as well, as in each ranked series you will be able to unlock epic weapons skins as well as epic character skins (in multiplayer ranked).

COD Mobile Rank Reward

So if you are getting used to winning a lot of matches in normal matches and want a more of a challenge lobby, ranked is your best buddy, it will make you feel like a completely new player especially after you rank up higher.

Ranked is “Series” not Season

A lot of players confuse the number of Season as the number of ranked, no Ranked match has their own series. We are currently in Series 4 while our season is at Season 7.

Each series lasted 2 seasons with new map rotation and ranked system settlement after the series ended.

This means, your current rank will get demoted after the new series comes out, doing this improves players ability to grind for the new series rewards and make the road to Legendary much more challenging.

Here are COD Mobile Ranking System settlement:

  • Legendary → Master I
  • Grand Master → Pro I - Pro II
  • Master → Veteran II - Veteran IV
  • Pro → Veteran I
  • Etc.

COD Mobile Ranking System for Team-Up

If your team ranks under Master, the rank gap between each players can be the two ranks next to Master which are Pro and Elite.

However, if your team ranks above Master, the rank gap between each players can only be the rank next to theirs, so Grand Master

Beside that, if you are a four man team-up or five man team-up you will be matchmaked with another four man or five man accordingly.

All Game Modes in Ranked Match [Multiplayer]

If this is your first time jumping into rank pool here are all game modes that only available in Ranked match:

  • Hardpoint
  • Frontline
  • Search & Destroy
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination

You will play 3 matches for the game to decide your rank placement after that, you will be able to choose which modes you want to play or better at.


Overall, Ranked Match can be overwhelming for new players that want to try out, just know that you will be up against a higher skills class than your average normal match lobby, on the bright side it will make you become better as well.