COD Mobile Best Operator Skill To Use In Season 3

Operator skill or specialist is a very powerful weapon to use in late game phase. Find the best operator skill to use in COD Mobile Season 3 here.

In general the specialist took 3 to 4 minutes to fully charge then you can use to eliminate multiple enemy easily.

Here are the best operator skill that you should use:

War Machine

COD Mobile Best Operator Skill: War Machine - zilliongamer

War machine is generally the best operator skill in COD Mobile. Especially after the sparrow nerf in Season 3.

This special weapon is very good to use, it shoot out explosive grenade that deal damage to multiple enemy and it also has good range.

War machine can eliminate up to 3 enemy if they stay close to each other when the grenade hit.

Death Machine

COD Mobile Best Operator Skill: Death Machine - zilliongamer

Death machine or scythe is the second best specialist in COD Mobile season 3 that you should use.

This specialist is a machine gun that deal very high damage and has insanely fast fire rate when firing.

Deatch machine has an ability to eliminate a lot of enemy however, it require precise aim since it only hit one target like a normal gun when firing.


COD Mobile Best Operator Skill: Sparrow - zilliongamer

The best operator skill in Season 2 is now fall to the third place in COD Mobile season 3.

Despite getting damage, hitbox, ammo nerf sparrow is still pretty good to use.

However, Sparrow can still eliminate multiple enemy if you manage to hit your target. You can only shot 4 arrow now when using Sparrow so make each shot count.


COD Mobile Best Operator Skill: Purifier - zilliongamer

3 above specialist are the best operator skill that you can use in both close and long range. Now it time for the best close range specialist.

Purifier is the best close range operator skill that burn all enemy hp down to zero with just 1 shot. It is a really good run n gun specialist to use.

Like I said this is only good if you are a close range combat player.


COD Mobile Best Operator Skill: Tempest - zilliongamer

Tempest is a good operator skill to use if you want to have some fun with it.

This specialist is basically a laser gun but you need to hold to charge the power before it can fire plus you need to hit your target as well which is not really easy to use.

Gravity Spike

COD Mobile Best Operator Skill: Gravity Spike - zilliongamer

This is the only operator skill that involve in character physique when you activate it.

Gavity spike specialist allows you to jump into the enemy position and eliminate them, doesn't matter how many enemy in the target.

The reason why gravity spike is not in the top 3 because that you can only use it once, if you miss the target your specialist is gone.

Transform Shield

COD Mobile Best Operator Skill: Transform Shield - zilliongamer

The only defensive operator skill to use in COD Mobile.

Transform shield is a good specialist that you can use to protect your team and you. The only good time to use transform shield is when you play in Domination match.

Keep this in mind, you can only use it 2 or 3 time in one game.


Now that you know all the operator skill plus the best one to use in COD Mobile, why don't you hop into a quick match and give war machine a try?

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