How to use Cluster Grenade in COD Mobile effectively | Lethal Guide

Cluster Grenade was once available to use in COD Mobile Battle Royale and now it’s also available in Multiplayer mode. Find out how to use this lethal effectively here.

If you haven’t got the chance to unlock Cluster grenade yet, now is the best time for you, by reaching tier 8 in Season 8 battle pass, you will unlock Cluster Grenade for free.

Cluster Grenade Stats

cluster grenade cod mobile guide

Radius: 70

Damage: 80

“In-game description: A sticky grenade that explodes in a series of smaller explosions.”

Technically speaking, Cluster grenade is a grenade inside the grenade.

The Cluster Grenade is the best lethal to you in Hardpoint and Domination game mode. Down below is how to use this grenade to its utmost potential. 

How to use Cluster Grenade

Once you unlocked Cluster Grenade, equip it in your lethal loadout and you’re good to go.

Now when it comes to using Cluster Grenade, you don’t really need to be very precise or any timing with your throw, just throw the Cluster grenade to the capture point (hill).

The reason it's really good for Hardpoint and Domination is that no matter where the Cluster grenade landed on the hill when you throw it, the grenade will explode all over the hill and eliminate those who try to capture or defend the hill.

Doing this allows you to get multiple kills with just one Cluster grenade, now imagine two, and there is a way to get two cluster grenades per round, check it down below.

Best Perk to use Cluster Grenade

What’s worth more than having one Cluster Grenade per round? Two, having two cluster grenades, so the best perk to use with Cluster Grenade is Shrapnel (Blue Perk).

Shrapnel: Spawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment. Explosive damage delays enemy health regeneration.

This perk is the best combo to use with Cluster Grenade and it's the enemy's nightmare when defending hill.

By doing the Shrapnel combo with Cluster Grenade you will be able to get Popcorn medal faster as well, because Popcorn medal will be achieved by Killing 2 or more enemies with a single grenade.

It can be unrelated but for some event that requires you to get a Popcorn medal just use this method and you will get the medal very quick.


Overall, Cluster Grenade is a great lethal for multiplayer, especially for objective players, you can single handedly take the hill from the enemies if you use it correctly.