3 Weapons Beginners Should Use

There are a lot of weapons in Call of Duty Mobile but not all of its are beginner friendly. Find out here on 3 best weapons that you as a beginner should use.

Eventually you will level up and unlock more weapons but for now this 3 weapons are your best choices.

1. M4 Assault Rifle

M4 Assault Rifle in Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

M4 is a fully automatic gun that has low recoil, easy to shoot and has very high accuracy make you hit your target a lot easier.

This will be your main weapon for a little while since you have no other choice to unlock other weapons beside buying in the store. Once you start your game you will receive M4 as a weapon to practice in tutorial. Overall, it is a good gun to start with.

If you like to use M4 you can also view the guide for the weapon covering complete stats, best attachments, and all skins.

M4 Guide

2. DL Q33 Sniper Rifle

Call of Duty Mobile is very kind that they give you the best sniper rifle in the game for free.

DL Q33 Sniper Rifle in Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

DL Q33 is a sniper that has the highest damage in the game with built-in optic and a variety of attachment to unlock.

If you are a beginner player who only like playing with sniper you are good to go and if you are an OG Call of Duty series player who like quickscope or 360 and wanted to move into COD Mobile then you are also good to go.

 I also have a complete guide for DL Q33 Sniper Rifle as well if you want to get through more detail.

DL Q33 Guide

3. PDW-57 Submachine gun

Hurry Up! This is limited! If you just created your COD Mobile account you will have a chance to claim the special submachine gun PDW-57 Zombie Gene.

PDW-57 Submachine gun in Call of Duty Mobile - zilliongamer

PDW-57 is a beast weapon to use in close range combat. It deal very high damage, move very fast and has a lot of attachment to equip. All in all, a very good gun to use for players who like to get high kills. 

You can also find the guide on this beast gun as well. 

PDW-57 Guide

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