3 Best Tips To Improve Your Aim

Now that Call of Duty Mobile is officially out, I think it is the best time to publish this guide to helps all beginner players to improve their aim and start hitting more target. Read all 3 best tips to help improve your aim here.

1. Set Your Sensitivity

First and foremost is to set your in-game sensitivity to get a comfortable sense of feeling when playing. However, there are a lot of sensitivity that you need to change. Don't worry because I will explain step by step of each sensitivity.

 Set Your Sensitivity in Call of Duty Mobile

Go to Sensitivity tab in Settings by pressing the tool button on the main menu. Then you will see Rotation Mode, Camera and Firing Sensitivity.

Rotation Mode

Rotation Mode is how you want your sensitivity to act when turning from left to right or front to back. There are 3 check box and Acceleration Value.

Tick Fixed Speed because you don't want any acceleration to help you when you turn your weapon.

Using Distance or Speed acceleration will ruin your aim. You don't want your aim to be inaccurate when turning to shoot your enemy.

Camera & Firing Sensitivity

Moving into this part which is very important. Make sure you have the same sensitivity for Camera and Firing sens, having different sens will make your muscle memory hard to adapt.

  • Standard Sensitivity: Your normal moving in-game sens.
  • ADS Sensitivity: Your sens when aiming down sight (Scope-in sensitivity).
  • Tactical Scope Sensitivity: Sens for only when using tactical scope. You might set it to the same value as ADS sens.
  • Sniper Scope Sensitivity: Sensitivity when using sniper rifle.

Do not forget to set it the same to Firing sensitivity. Try to play with your new sens at least 3 or 5 days to see the change.

Do not copy other players sensitivity, try to tune for your own until you get the best and most comfortable sens for yourself.

2. Practice VS AI

Tips number 2 is after you finished setting up your own sensitivity hop into Practice VS AI game mode and try testing it against bot to see if you need to tweak your sensitivity for more sense of comfortable.

Practice VS AI Game mode in Call of Duty Mobile

However, this room is not only for when you want to test your sensitivity. You can hop into it anytime  for a quick aim practice before getting into your ranked match to get used to your aim, Sharpen your headshot skill by practice aimming only head, Practice before your first match, and more! 

Try to take advantage of this gamemode more often if you are a beginner and wanted to improve your aim faster.

3. Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch Game mode in Call of Duty Mobile

Now that you have your own comfortable sensitivity and get enough practice against A.I, time to move into a real fight against real players. This mode will be harder since there are a lot of movement and sharp shooter.

It's like putting yourself into the test to see if you can aim properly and get any kills. Try not to think much about score since you are only practice. You can also play this match anytime you want as well.

Always try to practice aiming on Team Deathmatch once you get used to the basic game mechanic.

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