Stick & Stone Gamemode

COD Mobile Stick & Stone gamemode is a fun melee mode where you only use knife to eliminate enemy.

"Words may not hurt you, but bones will definitely be broken in this melee-only mode."

Gamemode Objective

COD Mobile Stick & Stones Gamemode - zilliongamer

The main objective of Stick & Stone is to be the first one who eliminate 20 enemy to win the match. You will be facing other 7 players in this mode.

Gamemode Rule

The game will let you use only melee, and given operator skills and scorestreak. There are 5 lethal weapons that you can use in this gamemode.


COD Mobile Stick & Stone weapon: Knife - zilliongamer

Knife is a default weapon that you can use to eliminate an enemy but require to get close enough.

Axe (Throwable)

Axe in this mode is throwable but it require precise aim since the axe has range drop.


COD Mobile Stick & Stone weapon: Molotov - zilliongamer

Molotov is a scorestreak special when you get 3 kills without dying. This is a good lethal to use when there are a lot of enemy in one area. BURN BABY!

Gravity Spikes

COD Mobile Stick & Stone weapon: Gravity Spikes - zilliongamer

Gravity Spikes is an operator skill that you can use when you get a lot of kills and it fully loaded. This is also good for multiple kills attempt as well.


COD Mobile Stick & Stone weapon: Sparrow - zilliongamer

Sparrow can be obtain from random airdrop on the map every 2 minutes. Watch your surrounding before obtain the operator skill.

Gamemode Guide

Movement active: To play Stick & Stone better you need to be active on your movement, try to move around a lot. 

Get closer: Get close enough before pressing knife, otherwise you won't be able to kill enemy.

Mechanic usage: Use jump, slide, crouch more often to dodge or juke your enemy.

Throw your axe: This can double your chance to eliminate enemy. You can also run to where you axe land to pick it up.

Gravity Spikes: Look for multiple kills instead of using gravity spikes for 1 enemy.

Reward List

Play 1 Sticks & Stones Match100 Credits
Play 3 Sticks & Stones Matches1 Fearless Soldier Crate
Win 1 Sticks & Stones Match100 Credits
Kill 10 Enemies in Sticks & Stones Matches200 Credits
Kill 30 Enemies in Stick & Stones Matches1 Fearless Soldier Crate


Stick and Stone is a fun gamemode that help you relax after a hard domination rank match game and it can also improve your movement and melee skills as well.

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