Rapid Fire Gamemode

Rapid Fire is a new limited time gamemode that come with COD Mobile Season 3 update. Find out the detail of Rapid Fire mode here!

Gamemode Overview

COD Mobile Gamemode Overview: Rapid Fire - zilliongamer

Rapid Fire is a fun gamemode that has unlimited ammo, faster scorestreak, and shorter operator skill cooldown make the game more fast-paced where players try to get a lot of kills to spam their scorestreaks instead of camping.

Gamemode objective

COD Mobile Gamemode Objective: Rapid Fire - zilliongamer

The main objective of Rapid Fire is that each team of 5 players need to reach the total score of 65 eliminations first to win the game.

Gamemode Rule

Rapid Fire gamemode will load you into random map, you can't choose map in this mode.

Gamemode Guide - How To Win in Rapid Fire Mode

Use Hardline perk: This perk is very useful to use in this Rapid fire since it help you to get score even faster to unlock the scorestreak.

Use Lethal scorestreak: Scorestreak like Hunter Killer Drone, Predator Missle, Sentry Gun, VTOL is good to use in this mode because you can always get secure kills when using these scorestreaks.

Kills without dying: Try to stay survive and get consecutive kills in other to unlock higher score storestreaks like Predator missile or VTOL.

Use SMRS: Yes SMRS, because it can help to destroy the annoying counter-uav that enemy team like to spam you.

Reward List

Play 1 Rapid Fire Match100 Credits
Play 2 Rapid Fire MatchFearless Soldier Crate
Win 1 Rapid Fire Match100 Credits
Kill 20 Enemies in Rapid Fire Matches200 Credits
Kill 50 enemies in Rapid Fire MatchesFearless Soldier Crate


In Short, Rapid Fire is a good mode to play for fun and to test out your new scorestreaks. The game has high kill specified which is good to improve your aim as well.