Best Sniper Rifle in COD Mobile Season 1 2023

If you looking for the top Sniper to use in Call of Duty Mobile, you are in the right place.

In this article we pick 5 of the best sniper with their best loadout for you to tryout.

Here are 5 best Snipers in COD Mobile 2023

These are the top 5 snipers in Call of Duty Mobile Season 1:

  1. DL Q33
  2. ZRG 20mm
  3. Locus
  4. Arctic.50
  5. Rytec AMR

These Sniper packs a punch, their damage hit like a trucks, the possibility of hitting one shot one kill is endless.

Beside that each sniper has their own specialty and playstyles.

Find our explanation of why we rank these Snipers on their respective ranked for Season 1 down below:

1. DL Q33

The DL Q33 is the best sniper in COD Mobile 2023 Season 1, a well rounded sniper that fit every playstyles.

Best sniper in COD Mobile: DL Q33

You can't go wrong with the DL Q33, this gun has deal a headshot damage of 360 and 150.3 to any part of the body.

This mean that you can 1 shot your enemy anywhere beside leg in Multiplayer.

For BR you only need 2 shots to the body to eliminate your target.

The reason we rank the DL Q33 as number 1 is not solely base on it damage.

This sniper has unlimited range and the fastest reload time of 1.86s with the ADS time of 480ms which is great for both aggressive snipers and passive snipers.

2. ZRG 20mm

The second best sniper that you can use is the ZRG 20mm, a powerful sniper for close range released back in Season 8 2022.

Second best sniper in COD Mobile: ZRG 20mm

For the ZRG 20mm, it deal 152 damage from 0 to 55 meters which is even higher damage than the DL Q33.

However, after 55 meters it's damage drop to only 128 and you must hit upper chest area to get that damage.

Headshot wise, this sniper deal 190 damage within 55 meters and 160 past 55 meters.

The ZRG 20mm is powerful at close range because it has a faster movement speed and sprint speed.

You need to be accurate with your shot, otherwise you will get a hit marker when you hit outside the upper chest area.

Mobility wise the ZRG 20mm has the ADS time of 480ms and the reload time of 1.93 seconds.

3. Locus

The third sniper that fly low below your radar is the Locus, another great close range sniper that worth a try.

Third best sniper in COD Mobile: Locus

From 0 to 65 meters the Locus deal 142.5 damage when hitting the upper chest area and 209 to the head.

Past 65 to 300 meters the Locus deal 135 damage to the upper chest area and 198 headshot.

The Locus is a great close to mid range sniper because it has a pretty fast aiming time of only 460ms which is great for quick scope.

Similar to the ZRG 20mm you need to be accurate with your shot to avoid hit marker, even at close range.

Beside that, this sniper has a reload time of 1.88 seconds and great movement speed and sprint speed.

4. Arctic.50

On the fourth spot we have the Arctic.50 snipe rifle, a great sniper to use for all range but require skill to master.


The Arctic.50 deal 114.75 damage to the upper chest area within 0 to 60 meters and 153 headshot damage.

Past 60 meters, this sniper deal 108 when you hit the upper chest and 144 to the head.

Because of the low damage which make use decide to equip the MIP Stopping Power Reload.

For Multiplayer you can play aggressive with the Arctic.50 but you need to be very accurate with your shot.

Battle Royale wise, you will need at least 3 shots to eliminate a full health enemy.

Mobility wise, the base ADS time is 440ms however, with the magazine it also increased, plus the reload time of  2.03s.

5. Rytec AMR

The last best sniper on our list for Season 1 is the Rytec AMR, a heavy sniper that fit perfectly for passive playstyle.

Rytec AMR

The Rytec AMR is a great sniper for sentinel players that like getting headshot kills.

From 0 to 60 meters it's deal 300 headshot damage, and 120 damage to the upper chest and arm area.

Past the 60 meters, the Sniper deal 262.5 headshot damage, and 105 damage to both upper chest and arm.

This is a great sniper if you want to go for headshot kills in battle royale, because you can get 1 shot kill within 60 meters range.

However, you will need to be extremely accurate with your shot which is why it's great for passive plays.

Mobility wise, when using the Rytec AMR has 480ms ADS time, and the reload time of 2.35 seconds.

Wrap Up our Sniper Meta list for S1

To summary our list, these 5 snipers are versatile for different playstyles. If you like a guaranteed one shot sniper, go with the DL Q33. Beside that you can pick the other 4.

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