Best LMG in COD Mobile Season 1 2023

Light machine gun is a type of weapon that is powerful for mid to long range.

However in Season 1 2023 the meta is focused on close to mid range combat only.

In this article, you will be able to find 5 of the best LMG in COD Mobile:

Here are 5 best LMGs in COD Mobile 2023

These are the strongest Light machine guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 2023:

  1. Holger 26
  2. S36
  3. PKM
  4. RPD
  5. Dingo

These LMGs are very versatile and can be build as both an Assault rifle hybrid or a true long range LMG.

You can use these LMGs for both close range and mid range which fit perfectly for the current meta.

1. Holger 26

In Season 1 2023, Holger 26 is the best LMG in COD Mobile that is leading and dominating the LMG meta.

Best LMG COD Mobile: Holger 26

The Holger 26 has the prime range of 0 to 18 meters which deal 31 damage to the upper chest area and when hitting headshot the gun deal 37.2 damage.

Our build for this Holger 26 is a hybrid version of a 3 shots assault rifle.

Despite the slow movement speed, the holger 26 can go toe to toe with other Ars meta as well. Beside that, the Holger 26 also has pretty low recoil control as well.

2. S36

The second best LMG in COD Mobile is the S36 lmg, this gun is surprisingly good for Battle Royale.

Second Best LMG COD Mobile: S36

Thanks to Path.exe, new video has come up with the best S36 attachments for battle royale players.

The S36 has the prime range of 0 to 15 meters and it deal 30 damage everywhere, so your aim doesn't really matter where your shot hit.

Recoil wise, the S36 has very low recoil control which is good to beam your target even past 15 meters. You just need to get your tracking correctly.

3. PKM

The third best LMG is called the PKM, this gun was released way back in Season 11 2021 Final Snow.

Third Best LMG COD Mobile: PKM

The PKM has the prime range of 25 meters and dealing 34.24 damage to the upper chest area, it is very powerful for a mid range gunfight.

Beside that, the PKM deal 38.4 headshot damage, so when hitting headshot you can eliminate one shot from a total STK.

If you are looking for a strong mid range LMG, the PKM is for you, however you need to control the recoil well to master the PKM.

Our build helps improve the PKM recoil and mobility make you running around a little faster than the base version.

4. RPD

Ranking number 4 we have the RPD lmg, a great true range LMG that goes toe to toe with the PKM.


The RPD deal 31 damage everywhere except headshot in the prime range of 25 meters with the fire interval of 91ms. Headshot wise this gun deal 38.75 damage.

The RPD has very low recoil control, you can beam the enemy pretty easy with RPD even at long range target.

With our build, you are able to move around the map pretty quick and still maintain good recoil control.

5. Dingo

Dingo is the latest released weapon in Season 1 2023, this is a great close range aggressive LMG that you can try out.


The Dingo has the prime range of 12 meters and it deal 30.8 damage to the upper chest area, however the recoil of this gun is pretty bouncy.

When hitting headshot the gun deal 36.4 damage with the fire interval of 83ms, however it's pretty hard to get it because of the terrible recoil this gun has.

Our build for the Dingo, helps reduces the overall recoil control so that you can use the gun better.

To wrap up our LMG Meta list for S1

In conclusion, For our LMG meta list in Season 1 2023, we have 2 of the best close range LMG and other 3 are the true range LMG that you can try out.

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