Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 3 2024

COD Mobile Season 3 just shook up the meta! Ditch those fast fire rate guns and embrace the power of 2-3 shot weapons. Below, find the top gun in each class with its best loadout – perfect for dominating matches and climbing the ranks.

Dominate COD Mobile Season 3 with these meta-defining weapons. We've got their best loadouts, so you can hop into a match and see the results for yourself.

Best AR in CODM: DR-H OTM-Mag

Best Assault Rifle in COD Mobile: DR-H

The DR-H reigns supreme as COD Mobile Season 3's top assault rifle. Packing a serious punch, it eliminates foes in just 2 shots thanks to the OTM mag attachment. This powerhouse dominates in mid-range battles, making it ideal for taking down enemies before they close the gap. Plus, its versatility allows you to customize it for different playstyles, ensuring you conquer any combat scenario.

Best DR-H Loadout

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor.
  • Barrel: OWC Marksman.
  • Stock: MIP Strike Stock.
  • Laser: OWC Laser - Tactical.
  • Ammunition: 25 Round OTM Mag.

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Best Sniper in CODM: LW3-Tundra

Best Sniper Rifle in COD Mobile: LW3-Tundra

The LW3-Tundra is the undisputed king of COD Mobile snipers this season. Boasting lightning-fast ADS speed and unmatched mobility, it's perfect for aggressive quickscoping. Expect clean one-shot kills to the upper chest and head, making it a nightmare for enemies caught out in the open. Plus, its deep customization options allow you to tailor it for maximum stealth or long-range devastation.

Best LW3-Tundra Loadout

  • Muzzle: Tactical Suppressor.
  • Barrel: 28.2" Tiger Team.
  • Stock: Bandit Steady Stock.
  • Ammunition: 7 Rnd.
  • Rear Grip: Airborne Elastic Wrap.

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Best SMG in COD Mobile: QXR

The QXR is the undisputed king of SMGs in COD Mobile Season 3. Its fast fire rate melts enemies at close range, making it lethal in those fast-paced gunfights. With the right attachments, you can extend its effective range for some mid-range dominance as well. The QXR's versatility, paired with its sheer power, make it a must-have for any aggressive player looking to secure those crucial eliminations.

Best QXR Loadout

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor.
  • Barrel: OWC Marksman.
  • Perk: Enhanced Bolt.
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape.
  • Ammunition: Extended Mag A.

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Best Marksman in CODM: SKS

Best Marksman in COD Mobile: SKS

The SKS stands out as the best Marksman Rifle in COD Mobile Season 3. This semi-automatic powerhouse delivers a devastating two-shot kill to the upper chest and head, punishing enemies in mid-range engagements.

Its high bullet velocity ensures minimal bullet drop, making it laser-focused at its peak performance range. Unlike some hard-hitting Marksman Rifles, the SKS boasts a decent fire rate, allowing for quicker follow-up shots if needed.

This balance of damage, accuracy, and fire rate makes the SKS a versatile weapon for aggressive players who want to dominate the mid to long range meta.

Best SKS Loadout

  • Muzzle: Tactical Suppressor.
  • Barrel: MIP Extended Light Barrel.
  • Stock: MIP Stalker Stock.
  • Perk: Disable.
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape.

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Best LMG in CODM: UL736

Best LMG in COD Mobile: UL736

The UL736 reigns supreme as the best LMG in COD Mobile Season 3. Its incredibly low recoil grants pinpoint accuracy, making it lethal in mid-to-long range engagements. This weapon's excellent damage and large magazine capacity let you suppress enemies with sustained fire, turning you into an anchor for your team. Despite its LMG category, the UL736 offers surprising mobility, allowing you to reposition and maintain firepower across the map.

Best UL736 Loadout

  • Muzzle: Tactical Suppressor.
  • Barrel: RTC 25.4" Extended Barrel.
  • Stock: RTC Steady Stock.
  • Perk: Disable.
  • Ammunition: 60 Round Reload.

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Best Shotgun in CODM: R9-0

Best Shotgun in COD Mobile: R9-0

The R9-0 dominates as COD Mobile's best shotgun in Season 3. Its unique double-shot burst fire unleashes devastating damage, often securing one-hit kills at point-blank range. This hard-hitting shotgun thrives in fast-paced, aggressive playstyles where you can close the distance. While its effective range is limited, the R9-0's raw power and potential for quick double-eliminations make it a force to be reckoned with in close-quarters combat.

Best R9-0 Loadout

  • Muzzle: Choke.
  • Barrel: MIP Extended Light Barrel.
  • Laser: OWC Laser - Tactical.
  • Smoothbore: MFT Urban Combat.
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape.

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Best Shotgun in CODM: L-CAR 9

Best Pistol in COD Mobile: L-CAR 9

The LCAR-9 reigns supreme as COD Mobile's best pistol in Season 3. Packing a surprising punch for its class, it boasts a high rate of fire that shreds enemies in close-quarter encounters. While its effective range is limited, the LCAR-9's fast ADS time and excellent hipfire accuracy make it a reliable secondary weapon for aggressive players on the go. Plus, its low recoil allows for precise follow-up shots, ensuring you can secure those crucial eliminations even in hectic situations.

Best L-CAR 9 Loadout

  • Barrel: YKM Integral Suppressor.
  • Perk: Full Ammo.
  • Laser: 5mW Combat Laser.
  • Foregrip: Field Agent Foregrip.
  • Ammunition: Fast Reload.


Remember, the DR-H shines at mid-range, the LW3-Tundra excels in quickscoping, and the QXR dominates close quarters. The SKS delivers devastating 2-shot kills, while the UL736 provides suppressive fire. If you need close-range devastation, the R9-0 is your shotgun, and the LCAR-9 is a reliable secondary. Now, gear up and conquer those Season 3 matches! Thanks for reading!

End of Best Weapons in COD Mobile.