Apex Legends Mobile P2020 Damage Stats, Attachments, & Skins

P2020 is a pistol that use Light ammo created by Lastimosa Armory.

Apex Legends Mobile P2020 Damage stats, Attachments, & Skins

The P2020 is a good close rage pistol in Apex Legends Mobile that has good damage with decent rate of fire. This gun is good to use for early game.

P2020 Damage profile stats

  • Damage (Body/Head/Leg): 15/23/14
  • Body Shots to kill: 6/9/10/12/13
  • FortifiedBody Shots to kill: 7/10/12/14/15
  • Rate of fire: 510RPM
  • Effective range: 210M
  • Reload speed: 1.25s
  • Mag size: 15/19/21/25/25 auto reload

P2020 Recoil pattern

In Apex Legends Mobile P2020 recoil has high spread when firing.

Apex Legends Mobile P2020 recoil pattern - zilliongamer

P2020 Attachments list

In Apex Legends Mobile P2020 utilize 3 types of attachments such as:

Mag attachment list in Apex Legends Mobile - zilliongamerMagIncrease Light magazine capacity.
Optics attachment list in Apex Legends Mobile - zilliongamerOpticsEnhance vision when aiming down sight.
Apex Legends Mobile Hop-Up: Hammerpoint Rounds - zilliongamerHammerpoint RoundsIncreases unshielded damage.
  • P2020 Compatible optics:
    • 1x HCOG 'Classic'
    • 1x Holo
    • 1x-2x Variable Holo
    • 2x HCOG 'Bruiser'
    • 1x Digital Threat

A fully P2020 attachments increase magazine capacity and improve visibility when ADS plus make it stronger against unshielded enemy.

P2020 Strength and Weakness

All Weapons in Apex Legends Mobile have their own strength and weakness.

Here are P2020 Pros n Cons:

P2020 Strength:

  • Good for early game.
  • Deal good damage in close range.
  • Powerful vs Unshielded enemy.

P2020 Weakness:

  • Damage fall off mid to late game.
  • High bullet spread, hard to hit shots.

P2020 Skins List

Find P2020 Legendary skins and other rarity in Apex Legends Mobile here:

Legendary Skins:

P2020 The Nullifier

Apex Legends Mobile P2020 The Nullifier - zilliongamer

P2020 Lady Justice

Apex Legends Mobile P2020 Lady Justice - zilliongamer

Epic Skins:

P2020 Off the Grid

Apex Legends Mobile P2020 Off the Grid - zilliongamer

P2020 Eye of the Storm

Apex Legends Mobile P2020 Eye of the Storm - zilliongamer

Rare Skins:

P2020 Cold Punch

Apex Legends Mobile P2020 Cold Punch - zilliongamer

P2020 Hot Shot

Apex Legends Mobile P2020 Hot Shot - zilliongamer

P2020 Harvest

Apex Legends Mobile P2020 Harvest - zilliongamer

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