Apex Legends Mobile Hemlok Burst AR Damage Stats, Attachments, & Skins

Hemlok is an Assault Rifle that use Heavy ammo created by Wonyeon.

Apex Legends Mobile Hemlok Burst AR Damage stats, Attachments, & Skins

The Hemlok Burst AR is a 3-rounds burst weapon in Apex Legends Mobile that is good to use for close range combat and can also switch to single shot for mid to long range.

Hemlok Damage profile stats

  • Damage (Body/Head/Leg): 22/44/17
  • Body Shots to kill (Burst): 2/3/3/4
  • Body Shots to kill (Single): 5/8/9/10
  • F.Body Shots to kill (Burst): 2/3/4/4
  • F.Body Shots to kill (Single): 6/9/11/12
  • Rate of Fire: 492RPM
  • Effective range: 612M
  • Tac reload speed: 2.4s
  • Full reload speed: 2.85s
  • Mag size: 21/27/33/39/39 auto reload

Hemlok Recoil pattern

In Apex Legends Mobile Hemlock recoil go up to the left then over to the right while the first 6 bullets are slightly spread.

Apex Legends Mobile Hemlok recoil pattern - zilliongamer

In order to effectively control Hemlok recoil you need to understand the burst rhythm and pull down the gun to the right when firing.

Hemlok Attachments List

In Apex Legends Mobile Hemlok Burst AR utilize 4 types of attachments such as:

Barrel attachment list in Apex Legends Mobile - zilliongamerBarrelReduces recoil and pitch yaw randomness.
Mag attachment list in Apex Legends Mobile - zilliongamerMagIncrease Light magazine capacity.
Stock attachment list in Apex Legends Mobile - zilliongamerStockReduce ADS and reload time.
Optics attachment list in Apex Legends Mobile - zilliongamerOpticsEnhance vision when aiming down sight.
  • Hemlok Compatible optics:
    • 1x HCOG 'Classic'
    • 1x Holo
    • 2x HCOG 'Bruiser'
    • 1x-2x Variable Holo
    • 1x HCOG 'Ranger'
    • 2x-4x Variable AOG

A fully kitted Hemlok reduces overall burst recoil, fasten ADS speed, and increase mag capacity base on attachment rarity.

Hemlok Strength and Weakness

All Weapons in Apex Legends Mobile have their own strength and weakness.

Here are Hemlok Pros n Cons:

Hemlok Strength:

  • Deal high body damage.
  • Powerful Single shot.
  • Great for long range.
  • Fast bullet travel speed.

Hemlok Weakness:

  • Weak at close range.
  • No Full auto mode.
  • Require great aim.
  • Low stability when burst.

Hemlok Skins List

Find Hemlok Burst AR Legendary skins and other rarity in Apex Legends Mobile here:

Legendary Skins:

Hemlok The Notorious One

Apex Legends Mobile Hemlok The Notiorious One - zilliongamer

Epic Skins:

Hemlok The Abyss

Apex Legends Mobile Hemlok The Abyss - zilliongamer

Hemlok Gradient Descent

Apex Legends Mobile Hemlok Gradient Descent - zilliongamer

Rare Skins:

Hemlok Hot Zone

Apex Legends Mobile Hemlok Hot Zone - zilliongamer

Hemlok Quantum Realm

Apex Legends Mobile Hemlok Quantum Realm - zilliongamer

Hemlok Spine Chiller

Apex Legends Mobile Hemlok Spine Chiller - zilliongamer

Common Skins:

Hemlok Arctic

Apex Legends Mobile Hemlok Arctic - zilliongamer

Hemlok Midnight

Apex Legends Mobile Hemlok Midnight - zilliongamer

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