Apex Legends Mobile Alternator SMG Damage Stats, Attachments, & Skins

Alternator SMG is a SMG that use light ammo created by Emslie Tactical.

Apex Legends Mobile Alternator SMG Damage stats, Attachments, & Skins

The Alternator SMG is a high accuracy twin barrel weapon in Apex Legends Mobile that has good damage with fast fire rate and fit perfectly for close quarter combat.

Alternator SMG Damage profile stats

  • Damage (Body/Head/Leg): 15/23/12
  • Body Shots to kill: 7/10/11/13/15
  • FortifiedBody Shots to kill: 8/11/13/15/17
  • Rate of fire: 600RPM
  • Effective range: 223M
  • Tac reload speed: 1.9s
  • Full reload speed: 2.23s
  • Mag size: 23/27/31/35/35 auto reload

Alternator SMG Recoil pattern

In Apex Legends Mobile Alternator SMG recoil to the right then over to the left and back to the right.

Apex Legends Mobile Alternator SMG recoil pattern - zilliongamer

In order to effectively control Alternator recoil you need to pull down the gun to the gun to the left and to the right.

Alternator SMG Attachments list

In Apex Legends Mobile Alternator SMG utilize 4 types of attachments such as:

Barrel attachment list in Apex Legends Mobile - zilliongamerBarrelReduces recoil and pitch yaw randomness.
Mag attachment list in Apex Legends Mobile - zilliongamerMagIncrease Light magazine capacity.
Stock attachment list in Apex Legends Mobile - zilliongamerStockReduce ADS and reload time.
Optics attachment list in Apex Legends Mobile - zilliongamerOpticsEnhance vision when aiming down sight.
  • Alternator Compatible optics:
    • 1x HCOG 'Classic'
    • 1x Holo
    • 1x HCOG 'Bruiser'
    • 1x-2x Variable Holo
    • 1x Digital Threat

A fully kitted Alternator attachments increase the weapon accuracy and stability when firing fully auto plus adding extra ammo base on attachment rarity.

Alternator SMG Strength and Weakness

All Weapons  in Apex Legends Mobile have their own strength and weakness.

Here are Alternator Pros n Cons:

Alternator Strength:

  • Powerful in close range.
  • Clean iron sight.
  • Fast bullet travel speed.
  • Fast fire rate.
  • High accuracy.

Alternator Weakness:

  • Damage fall in mid range.
  • High recoil in mid range.
  • Run out of ammo quick.

Alternator SMG Skins list

Find Alternator SMG Legendary skins and other rarity in Apex Legends Mobile here:

Legendary Skins:

Alternator The Alternative remedy

Apex Legends Mobile Alternator The Alternative Remedy - zilliongamer

Alternator Led Rez

Apex Legends Mobile Alternator Led Rez - zilliongamer

Epic Skins:

Alternator Molten Forge

Apex Legends Mobile Alternator Molten Forge - zilliongamer

Alternator Melternator

Apex Legends Mobile Alternator Melternator - zilliongamer

Alternator Eye of the Storm

Apex Legends Mobile Alternator Eye of the Storm - zilliongamer

Rare Skins:

Alternator Winged Phoenix

Apex Legends Mobile Alternator Winged Phoenix - zilliongamer

Alternator Battle Clasp

Apex Legends Mobile Alternator Battle Clasp - zilliongamer

Alternator Patchwork

Apex Legends Mobile Alternator Patchwork - zilliongamer

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