How to Get 5-Star Echo in Wuthering Waves

In Wuthering Waves Echo may have different attributes stats and Sonata Collection. and there are 4 rarities of Echo 2-Stars Echo (Green), 3-Stars Echo (Blue), 4-Stars Echo (Purple), and 5-Stars Echo (Gold). 

The Most important and wanted Echo in the game is the 5 Stars Echo (Gold) and down below are the best ways on how to get Gold Echoes. 

Upgrade Data Bank Level

Inside the game, The Echo System is related to the Data Bank Level. You will need a Data Bank Experience to level up the Data Bank Level in order to collect great Echo rarities.

First Method To get Data Bank EXP you will need to unlock all 52 Echoes inside the game and each echo you have unlocked will grant back Data Bank EXP. Moreover, unlocking new rarities of each echo will also grant more Data Bank EXP. 

Second Method To get Data Bank EXP try to complete all Milestones Mission. This mission also grants back a lot of Data Bank EXP once you complete each level. 

Milestones Mission | Wuhtering Waves

Upgrade Data Bank To Level 15

This is the first way to collect 5 Star Gold Echo by upgrading your Data Bank Level to 15. But Data Bank will Cap at Level 14 to every player. And to Unlock Level 15 you will need to Collect all 52 4-Stars Purple echoes rarity and also need to reach SOLO Phase 3 Rank 3

After reach Data Bank Level 15 and collecting all Purple Echoes you will have a chance to collect Gold Echo by using the Echo Hunting Tracking System. 

Note: The Percentage to get 5 Star Gold Echo in this first method has only a 30% drop rate.

Upgrade Data Bank From Level 18 to Level 20

The Data Bank Level will Cap again at Level 18 and the Percentage of getting Gold Echoes has 50% drop rate. Even though you have collected all 52 5-Stars Echoes (Gold) rarity your Data Bank Level is still stuck at Level 18. 

To unlock this Level Cap you will need to collect all 52 Gold Echoes and reach SOLO Phase 3 Rank 5 & Union Level 40 in order to upgrade your Data Bank to Max Level 20.  

Note: The Percentage to get 5-Star Echo when you Max Level 20 Data Bank is 80% drop rate. So you can farm as much as 5-Star Echoes to get your best Echo Main Stats and make your resonator even stronger.  

Compete The Tacet Field Cleanup

Tacet Field Challenge | Wuhtering Waves

This is the Third way to get 5-Star Echoes by competing in any Tacet Field Cleanup. This Tacet Field challenge will drop at least 2 5-Star Echoes as the reward.

Note: If you only want to farm for 5-Star Echoes We recommend you reach Data Bank Level 20 first before competing in this Tacet Field challenge because it will guarantee at least 2 5-Star echoes drop and it cost 60 waveplates per challenge.