How to Play Warzone Mobile From Your Country + Secret Tip

If you are living outside of the limited release country and you want to play Warzone Mobile, this article will help you go through step by step on how to play Warzone Mobile from where you live.

Get Yourself a VPN

First and foremost, it’s very important to get yourself a reliable VPN, that means any VPN that is legit and used by a lot of players.

Best VPN for Warzone Mobile

By having a good VPN, you will be able to connect to the Warzone Mobile limited release country with very low ping, we’ll talk about that later.

There are multiple VPNs that you can get Paid & Free.

Nord VPN (Paid), Fast & Reliable.

Express VPN (Paid), Fast & Reliable.

If you can’t afford the paid VPN plan, here are a very good Free VPN that we highly recommend:

Tunnelbear (Free but requires registration).

These VPNs are available to download via Play Store and APP Store.

Know which Country to connect

Right now, Warzone Mobile only allows players that have ping lower than 160ms to enter the game. So it's only common sense to know which country you want to play in.

Here are all available country to play Warzone Mobile limited release:

  • Australia
  • Chile
  • Norway
  • Sweden

Make sure you pick the closest country next to yours so that you don’t have high ping which causes you to getting kicked out of the game.

If you are living in South East Asia regions or New Zealand, you should connect to Australia for lowest ping possible in Warzone Mobile.

If you are living in South American regions, you should connect to Chile for lowest ping possible.

If you are living in Europe or the United States, you should connect to Sweden or Norway to ensure the lowest ping possible.

I can’t enter the match. What should I do?

If you have VPN, you have the latest warzone mobile, you connect to the recommended country from your region, and you still can’t enter the match, don’t worry, here’s how to fix that.

There are 4 phases that Warzone Mobile needs to process for you to get into the match, usually you will be stuck in phase 3 after finding a match, in this case, minimize the game and disconnect the VPN and get back into the game, then you will be able to enter the match.

Make sure to do this extremely quickly. It’s goes like this: Connecting (Phase 1) -> Pre Loading Map (Phase 2) -> Match is Starting (Phase 3) -> Disconnect VPN -> Loading match (Phase 4).

Fix Warzone Mobile Phase 3 Stuck

If you fast with it, you will be able to play the game with no ease, no lag, and you won’t need to connect to the VPN again for the duration of your playtime.


Overall, it can be hard for those that want to play Warzone Mobile but don’t live in the limited release country, by following these three steps you will be able to experience the next big Call of Duty Game that is coming to mobile. Have fun and see you on the battlefield.