Outlaw Guide Valorant Stats, How to Play, and Skins List

Outlaw is a new sniper rifle deals very high damage to the body & headset has high accuracy, high wall penetration, and fast fire rate. Check out Outlaw guide in Valorant stats, how to play, and skins list here.

Outlaw Stats Valorant

Valorant Outlaw Guide Stats How to Play Counter and Skins List - zilliongamer

Outlaw is a new sniper riffle weapon in Valorant, it deals very high damage, high accuracy, high penetration, and fast fire rate.

Outlaw General
TypeSniper Riffle
Wall PenetrationHigh
Outlaw Damage
Range from 0 to 50m
Primary Fire
Fire ModeSemi
Fire Rate2.75 rounds per sec
Equip Speed1.25 sec
Reload Speed2.3 sec (1 bullet) and 3.8 sec (2 bullets)

How to Play with Outlaw Valorant

  • Utilize the Outlaw's high damage to secure kills with fewer shots.
  • Be aware of the recoil and practice controlling it in practice range.
  • The Outlaw has a small magazine size and a long reload speed, manage your shots carefully and find opportunities to reload when it's safe.
  • Take advantage of its accuracy and deliver powerful shots, especially in longer-range combat.
  • Take advantage of the Outlaw's great hip-fire accuracy in close-range combat.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially when reloading.

The Outlaw dealing 238 damage headset, 140 damage to body, and 119 damage to leg basically one shot enemy with heavy shield & light shield if you able to get a headshot or body shot.

The Outlaw deals high damage but has high recoil, making it a little bit hard to control, but it has very high accuracy and excels in hip-fire situations.

However, the Outlaw takes a longer time to reload and only has 2 bullets in the magazine, which can leave you vulnerable to enemies catching you off-guard during the reloading process. If you miss your shot, you are at a disadvantage.

The Outlaw Time To Kills in Valorant

RangeBody PartTime to Kill100 HPBullet to Kill
0 to 50mHead0.0001
RangeBody PartTime to Kill125 HPBullet to Kill
0 to 50mHead0.0001
RangeBody PartTime to Kill150 HPBullet to Kill
0 to 50mHead0.0001

Outlaw Pros & Cons Valorant

1. Deal very high damage can one-shot heavy and light armor.
2. Great hip-fire.
3. High accuracy.
4. Very effective against enemies equipped with light armor.
1. Takes a longer time to reload.
2. Has small magazine size.
3. Only effective if most of the bullets hit the target.
4. Need good aiming skills.

Outlaw Skins List

Here you can find and view all Outlaw skins in Valorant covering from alpha version to the newest release skin in the game and how to get it.

Ego Outlaw

Ego Outlaw Skin in Valorant - zilliongamer

Rarity: Premium Edition.

Price: 1775 VP.

Prism Reloaded Outlaw

Pris Reloaded Outlaw Skin in Valorant - zilliongamer

Rarity: Deluxe Edition.

Price: 1275 VP.


The Outlaw is a new sniper rifle in Valorant. It can deal very high damage, has high accuracy, and excels in hip-fire. You need good aiming skills to wield this weapon.