Valorant Team ACE Skin Bundle

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Team ACE Skin Bundle

Valorant Team ACE Skin Bundle - zilliongamer

According to Valorleak, this upcoming new Bundle will come with a skin set known as Team ACE. Team ACE set will release after Valorant Gaia's Vengeance.

Team ACE set will include Team ACE Judge, Team ACE Frenzy, Team ACE Operator, Team ACE Phantom, and Team ACE Vandal. There are no different variants to upgrade. there is no confirmation about price yet.

Here is a closer look image of Team ACE Bundle.

Team ACE Frenzy

Team ACE Skin Bundle: Gaia's Vengeance Red Variant - zilliongamer

Team ACE Judge

Team ACE Skin Bundle: Judge - zilliongamer

Team ACE Phantom

Team ACE Skin Bundle: Phantom - zilliongamer

Team ACE Vandal

Team ACE Skin Bundle: Vandal - zilliongamer

Team ACE Operator

Team ACE Skin Bundle: Operator - zilliongamer

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