Valorant​ Snowfall Skin Bundle

Here is the information about Valorant Snowfall skin bundle including price and more.

Snowfall Skin Bundle

Valorant Snowfall Skin Bundle - zilliongamer

With this upcoming new patch note will come with 1 bundle skin call Snowfall. there is no confirmed release date about this skin yet.

Snowfall Bundle will include an Snowfall Phantom, Snowfall Judge, Snowfall Classic, Snow Ares, Snowfall buddy, and Snowfall Wand. It is categorized as a deluxe tier collection meaning each gun skin could be 1275 VP, the melee is 2550 VP, and as a bundle it will likely be 5100 VP.

Here is a closer look image of Snowfall Bundle.

Snowfall Phantom

Valorant Snowfall Phantom skin - zilliongamer

Snowfall Judge

Valorant Snowfall Judge skin - zilliongamer

Snowfall Classic

Valorant Snowfall Classic skin - zilliongamer

Snow Ares

Valorant Snowfall Ares skin - zilliongamer

Snowfall Wand

Valorant Snowfall Wand skin - zilliongamer

Snowfall buddy

Valorant Snowfall Buddy skin - zilliongamer