Champion 2023 Bundle: Animation Price & Release Date

Here are all information about new bundle Champion Bundle Valorant exclusive skins. The new Champion Bundle is a premium weapon skins that will released on August 4th, 2023 in Global Server.

Champion 2023 Bundle Riot has been announced the Champion 2023 Bundle be coming to all server. The new Champion 2023 Bundle will be officially released on August 4th, 2023 in game shop.

Check out Champions 2023 Bundle Skin Reveal Trailer here.

Champion 2023 Bundle

Valorant Champion 2023 Bundle released with "Give Back 2023 Bundle", here all gun skins, price, and animation in this Champion 2023 bundle.

Here all information and everything you should know about the up coming Champion 2023 Bundle in Valorant.

Champion 2023 Bundle set will include Champion 2023 Vandal, Champion 2023 Kunai, Champion 2023 Spray, Player Card, and Champion 2023 Gun Buddy.

All premium skin in this Bundle will have variants to upgrade such as VFX, Sound, Animation, and Finisher. Here is all skin in Champion 2023 Bundle and price: 6265 Valorant Points.

The upcoming champion 2023 bundle price can be slightly higher than champion 2021, and 2022. Here is all skin in Champion 2023 and price:

  • Champion 2023 Vandal.
  • Champion 2023 Kunai.
  • Champion 2023 Spray.
  • Champion 2023 Gun Buddy.
  • Champion 2023 Player Card

Champion 2023 Bundle Price

New Champion 2023 Bundle Skins Price and Release Date Valorant - zilliongamer

Bundle Price: 6265 Valorant Points or slightly higher than that.

Champion Vandal Price: Price: 2675 Valorant points.

Champion Kunai Price: Price: 5350 Valorant points.

End of Champion 2023 Skin Bundle.