Valorant Wastedland Skin Bundle Leak

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Wastedland Bundle

Valorant Wastedland Skin Bundle - zilliongamer

According to  Valorleak, with this new 1.10 Patch note will come with 2 skin set such as Reaver and Wastedland. Wastedland set will release along with reaver skin. 

The Wastedland set will include a Wastedland Shorty, Wastedland Sheriff, Wastedland Marshal, Wastedland Spectre, and Wastedland Vandal. Unfortunately, there is a no variants for the player to upgrade to get VFX, sound, and finish the animation. Each gun will cost about 1275 VP. There is a no confirmed release date yet but we expected that it will release along with reaver skin set.

Here take a closer look at these reveal skin image.

Valorant Wastedland Skin Bundle Collection - zilliongamer


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