Valorant Spline Skin Bundle Leak

Here is the information about Valorant Spline skin bundle including price and more.

Spline Bundle

Valorant Spline Skin Bundle - zilliongamer

According to Valorant Leaks , With this 1.07 Patch Note, show that new skin called Spline bundle that will available soon.

The Spline will include a Phantom, Operator, Classic, Spectre, and Knife and the has 4 versions that upgradable using radianite point. Unfortunately, there is no finisher, VFX update or upgrade animation. Each skin may cost 1775 Valorant point. There is no release date confirmed yet.

Here take a closer look at these revealed skin.


Spline Skin Bundle: Spline Phantom - zilliongamer


Spline Skin Bundle: Spline Operator - zilliongamer


Spline Skin Bundle: Spline Spectre - zilliongamer


Spline Skin Bundle: Spline Classic - zilliongamer


Spline Skin Bundle: Spline Melee - zilliongamer


Overall, These skins look great, it got alien weapon look which has a laser thing. But unfortunately there is no finisher, VFX update or upgrade animation.