Valorant Singularity Bundle Skin Revealed

Here is the information about Valorant Singularity Skin Bundle Leak including price and more.

Singularity Bundle

Valorant Singularity Skin Bundle - zilliongamer

According to Valorleak, With this new ACT 3 will come with new skin collection bundle call Singularity Set.

The SIngularity set will include a Singularity Phantom, Singularity Sheriff, SIngularity Spectre, Singularity Ares, Singularity Melee. This skin also 4 different levels to upgrade in order to get sound effect, VFX, and Finisher. Each gun skin will cost about 2,175 VP and the Knife skin costs 4,350 VP. The bundle will cost player 8,700 VP. This skin will release on the same day as ACT 3 begin.

Here take a closer look at these reveal skin image.

Singularity Phantom

Singularity Skin Bundle: Singularity Phantom - zilliongamer

Singularity Spectre

Singularity Skin Bundle: Singularity Spectre - zilliongamer

Singularity Sheriff

Singularity Skin Bundle: Singularity Sheriff - zilliongamer

Singularity Ares

Singularity Skin Bundle: Singularity Ares - zilliongamer

Singularity Knife

Singularity Skin Bundle: Singularity Knife - zilliongamer


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