Valorant: How to get Clove Ghost Skin, Spray, and Gun Buddy

We have only one more day left until the release of the new Valorant agent, Clove.

Riot Games, known for introducing a pistol skin with every agent contract, will be offering a Ghost skin as part of Clove's contract.

Check out the list of items from the Clove's contract, including a ghost skin, spray, and gun buddy, here.

All items from the Clove's Contract

All items from Clove's Contract in Valorant - zilliongamer

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  • All items from Clove's Contract include:
    • 1. Clove Exclusive Ghost Skin
    • 2. Clove 3 Spray
    • 3. 2 sets of Player Cards
    • 4. Clove Exclusive Gun Buddy

Clove's Contract will feature several exclusive rewards, including an exclusive Ghost skin, 3 sprays, 2 player cards, and an exclusive Gun Buddy.

How to get Clove Flutter Ghost? 

There are 2 ways players can obtain the Clove Ghost Skin either by spending a lot of Valorant Points or by claiming the ghost skin through EXP collection.

How much EXP do players have to collect to recruit the new agent Clove and unlock the new exclusive Ghost Skin?

Players will need to collect 2,000,000 XP within the 15-day recruitment event, or they can spend a total of 1,000 Valorant Points to unlock Clove.

However, after the 15-day recruitment event, you can unlock the agent Clove by spending 8,000 Kingdom Credits.

How can players get Kingdom Credits? Players can only obtain Kingdom Credits through matches and by completing daily quests.

All tiers unlock exclusive Ghost Skin, Spray, Player Card, and Gun Buddy.

Chapter 1

  • Gloomheart Spray: 2000 Kingdom Credits
  • Valorant Clove Card: 2500 Kingdom Credits
  • Mischievous Title: 3000 Kingdom Credits
  • Wee Punk Spray: 3500 Kingdom Credits
  • Special Reward: 2000 Kingdom Credits

Chapter 2

  • Metal Wings Buddy: 4500 Kingdom Credits
  • Clove Spray: 5500 Kingdom Credits
  • Undying Title: 6500 Kingdom Credits
  • Metamorphosis Card: 7500 Kingdom Credits
  • Flutter Ghost: 8000 Kingdom Credits

After you spending 8,000 Kingdom Credits you will need to spend 43,000 Kingdom Credits to unlock Flutter Ghost.

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