Valorant G.U.N Skin Bundle Leak

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G.U.N Bundle

Valorant G.U.N Skin Bundle - zilliongamer

According to @Valorleak, There is new upcoming skin set call Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster (G.U.N) set.

The G.U.N set will include a G.U.N Classic, G.U.N Operator, G.U.N Bucky, G.U.N Spectre, G.U.N Melee. There are variants for player to choose or upgrade. Each gun skin might cost about 1775 VP and Knife skin costs 3550 VP and the bundle cost 7100 VP. There is no confirmed release date yet but we expected that it will release after smite set.

Here take a closer look at these reveal skin image 

G.U.N Classic

G.U.N Skin Bundle: G.U.N Classic - zilliongamer

G.U.N Bucky

G.U.N Skin Bundle: G.U.N Bucky - zilliongamer

G.U.N Spectre

G.U.N Skin Bundle: G.U.N Spectre - zilliongamer

G.U.N Operator

G.U.N Skin Bundle: G.U.N Operator - zilliongamer

G.U.N Melee

G.U.N Skin Bundle: G.U.N Melee - zilliongamer

G.U.N Bundle Collection

Valorant G.U.N Skin Bundle Collection - zilliongamer