Reaver Collection Returning To Valorant

Here is the information about Valorant reaver skin collection including price and release date.

Reaver Collection Bundle

Valorant Reaver Skin Returning Back - zilliongamerImage From @playvalorant

Base on the image tease, it said "Coming Back" in various languages. It proves that this fan-favorite skin bundle will be returning back to Valorant after appeared in Beta. 

According to Valorleak, With this upcoming 1.11 patches will come with new Reaver skin which releases on October 29th.

The Reaver Skin Bundle will include a Reaver Vandal, Reaver Sheriff, Reaver Operator, Reaver Guardian, and Reaver Knife. This skin also upgradable using Radianite Points, which give you VFX, Reload, and Finisher animations. If the bundle remains the same price as Beta, the reaver skin will cost about 5,325 VP. Each gun might cost 1,772 VP and Melee 3,550 VP.

Here is the old image from the beta

The Reaver Skins Bundle

Valorant Reaver Skin Bundle - zilliongamer

Stay tuned for more update on this Reaver Skin Set.

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