Valorant: New Agent 25 Release Date, Ability, Audio Teaser, & More

Valorant's second Act of Episode 8 introduces a new agent, Agent 25 that will be introduced at the VCT 2024 Masters Madrid Grand Final. 

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When Agent 25 Coming out?

Agent 25 Release Date & Name in Valorant - zilliongamer

The release date for Agent 25 has been confirmed to be March 24th at The VCT 2024 Masters Madrid Grand Final.

Valorant new agent 25 will release on March 25th at the end of The VCT 2024 Masters Madrid Grand Finals 24th.

What are Agent 25 abilities?

No ability has been released yet. However, as the agent is confirmed as a Controller, we can expect that their abilities will control areas and set their team up for success.

What Role is Agent 25 & Name?

The new Agent 25 in Valorant has been confirmed to be a Controller according to leaks that show the new Agent 25 interacting with Omen.

Currently, there are 5 controllers in the game: Viper, Harbor, Omen, Astra, and Brimstone. Agent 25 will be the 6th one.

What is Agent 25 Name?

According to the leakers Agent 25 named Clove. However, there has been no information added regarding what nationality Clove is yet. 

Some leakers use the female pronouns (her) for Agent 25 but, it's not confirmed yet. Agent 25's call sign is 'Smokedancer'.

Check out In-game Audio teaser for Agent 25 here.

End of Valorant Agent 25 Release Date, Ability, Audio Teaser, and Name.