How to get Valorant Key to play Beta version

The Valorant closed beta will be available to play on April 7th 2020 but here's a catch, it's only available for a limited amount of players, and required Valorant key to play the closed beta.

Here are 3 steps on how to get the Valorant key by yourself.

1. Register Riot Account

Valorant is developed by Riot so all the first thing you need is Riot account.

Make sure to write it down or save it somewhere because you don't want to lost it.

After you register Riot account please go into your gmail and verify the account as well.

For those who already have Riot account you can skip the first step entirely.

2. Link your Riot account to Twitch account

In this step you need to have Twitch account to proceed through, if you haven't have it yet please go ahead and register for Twitch account.

Now after you already have Twitch account, go into settings > connections > Connect Riot Games.

How to get Valorant Key for Closed Beta - zilliongamer

Link Riot account to Twtich account for Valorant Key drop - zilliongamer

Once you click connect, you will need to type in your Riot account and then your twitch and riot account will be linked.

The reason that you need to link riot account with your twitch account because you will be able to get Valorant key drop in when watching Valorant streamer on twitch.

3. Watch Valorant Stream on April 7th

As mention above Valorant closed beta will be available on April 7th 2020, there will be a lot of huge streamer like summit1g, DrDisrespect, and more live streaming the game.

So choose one of the streamer in Valorant twitch directory and make interact by follow, chat and you might get a chance for a random Valorant key drop.

Steamer List for Valorant Beta Key

Here are some of the streamer that you can watch for a chance to get Valorant Beta key:













These are just some streamer that currently live. You can go to and find all other streamer that have Drop enabled! for a chance to get Valorant beta key.


In conclusion, To get Valorant key for a closed beta version, you just need to follow all the 3 steps above and hope that you might catch a random Valorant key drop during your view time.

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