Best Agents in Valorant Episode 3 ACT 3 Tier List

Find out the best Duelist, Initiators, Controller, and Sentinels agents Episode 3 Act 3 here in Valorant and understand their playstyle, and abilities here.

Best Duelist Agents


Jett: Agent Valorant

Jett is one of the best aggressive duelists and easy to master. Jett can outplay some other agent by her quick movements. Jett has all the kit that allow her to quickly take a site, catch enemies off guard, or bait enemy players into misplaying, for new player that like to play aggressive Jett is the one agent you should pick.


Raze: Agent Valorant

Raze also one of the best aggressive deulist like Jett but Raze is a bit harder to master for new player that never play her before. However, if you put enough time with this agent, she can become something pretty impressive. Raze is ability can do a large amount of damage to enemies can also be used to boost Raze into places that give her an advantage when holding an angle.

Best Controller Agents


Viper: Agent Valorant

Viper is a great Controller agent since she’s had a few buffs and nerfs recently. Viper has great utility that allows you and your team to take a site very easy. For new player she a bit hard to play mostly learn how to reduce amount of vision enemy players have for those who like to play aggressive picking Viper is not the one you should pick.


Astra: Agent Valorant

The galaxy wielding Astra has great abilites to provide massive crowd control for your team her ultimate allow her and team to retake a side of defending and will block vision and bullets. Astra is the most difficult agents in Valorant, it is very risky to pick her in solo queue.

Best Initiators Agents


Skye: Agent Valorant

Skye is an initator, similar to Sova becuase she has flash as well as a drone that have advantage over Sova drone because it can stun enemies, she has the ability to AOE heal her teammate in a large radius. Skye can easily open the fight for team with her abilties.


Sova: Agent Valorant

Sova provides great utility and recon to players and very easy to play for new player don't like to play aggressive. For those who has a lot of experience on Sova definitely makes him standout among the 4 Initiator.

Best Sentinel Agents


Chamber: Agent Valorant

Chamber is the new Sentinel agent that was come out in this ACT 3, Chamber has great uiltiy and very easy to lern, in the pistol around Chamber will has advantage over enemy team. Trap ability has massive range compare to KillJoy Alarm Bot make Chamber quite competent when it comes to covering flank routes as most maps generally have more than one route which the enemy can flank from.


Sage: Agent Valorant

Sage is very useful in Episode 3 ACT 3, one of the best support in the game. Sage is Wall Barrier Orb is one of the most powerful defensive abilities that preventing enemy entering specific areas, Slow Orb to slow down enemy pushing, and she also can heal her teammate multiple times per round, she also have ability to revive one teammate with her ultimate, creating better odds for your team to win a round. She is very good and easy to play for those who don't wanna play aggresive.

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