Easy Way To Get Pet For Free in Undawn

In this article, we will show you How to Get Pet For Free in Undawn. Guide with the in-depth information step by step in order to get a pet in Undawn Check out down below:

1. Go to Mission Board

The first thing you need to do is click on Mission Board at the Top Left of your Phone Screen. Then select & accept [Pet] Regroup with Phoebe mission. After accepting the mission you now need to go to Raven Shelter to complete the mission by using your Fast Travel.

2. Regroup With Phoebe at Pet Center

After you arrive at Raven Shelter go to Regroup with Phoebe Pet Adoption near the river. After that, you will need to Pet the rescue dog called Tiger and then go back and Listen to what Phoebe wants to tell you. 

3. Time to Choose Your Travel Buddy

After listening to Phobe you now need to choose your Buddy Travel by clicking on the Mission Menu and it will pop up a box choice that you can choose either Dog or Cat. After you choose your pet go back to Phoebe she will give you the Pet Food to Feed your pet. Then follow the remaining mission to complete the whole progress. 

4. Go Back to your Homestead

After completing the mission you now get a Free 2 pets. Go back to your homestead click on Build icon > Interior > Place your Standard Pet Room.

Note: After placing your Pet Room you need to take out your pet from Petcare Box by clicking My Pet > Petcare Box > Retrieve.