Undawn Cooper Materials Store

Check out Undawn Materials which you can find only in Cooper's Store featuring Cloth Scrap, Leather, Screw, Firearm Accessory Parts, and more.

Where is Cooper Store?

Cooper Materials Store Location Undawn - zilliongamer

You can find Cooper's Store and buy somebuilding materials, weapons, equipment, and blueprint, from him buy using Silver & Gold Currency Points in Ravens Shelter. Cooper's Store location near Caryl inside Weapon and Armor building.

List of Materials in Cooper's Store

Cooper Materials Undawn - zilliongamer

  • Cloth Scrap
    • A basic type of resource for crafting cloth items
    • Price: 10 Silver Per Cloth Scrap
  • Leather
    • A basic type of resource for crafting leather items
    • Price: 10 Silver Per Leather
  • Screw
    • A basic type of resource for crafting parts
    • Price: 10 Silver Per Screw
  • Fire Accessory Parts
    • A basic type of resource for crafting parts
    • Price: 100 Silver Parts

Basic Equipment

Equipment Lvl 20

Cooper Shop Equipment Lvl 20 Undawn

Equipment Lvl 30

Cooper Shop Equipment Lvl 30 Undawn

Equipment Lvl 40

Cooper Shop Equipment Lvl 40 Undawn

Equipment Lvl 50

Cooper Shop Equipment Lvl 50 Undawn

Equipment Lvl 60

Cooper Shop Equipment Lvl 60 Undawn

Equipment Blueprints

Blueprint Lvl 20

Cooper Shop Blueprint Lvl 20 Undawn

Blueprint Lvl30

Cooper Shop Blueprint Lvl 30 Undawn

Blueprint Lvl40

Cooper Shop Blueprint Lvl 40 Undawn

Blueprint Lvl50

Cooper Shop Blueprint Lvl 50 Undawn

Blueprint Lvl60

Cooper Shop Blueprint Lvl 60 Undawn

End of Undawn Cooper MaterialsStore.