Undawn Clint Materials Store

Check out Undawn Materials which you can find only in Clint Store featuring Special Antibody Buffer, Bullet Casing, Fuel, High Density Battery, Simple Bandage, Antibody, and more.

Where is Clint Store?

Clint Materials Store Location Undawn - zilliongamer

You can find Clint's Store and buy some building materials from him in Ravens Shelter. Clint's store is location near the main entrance in Ravens Shelter.

List of Materials in Clint Store

Clint Materials Undawn - zilliongamer

Special Antibody Buffer

  • Blood from a zombie, which can be used to make antibody serums for restoring health
  • Price: 60 Silver

Bullet Casing

  • A pile of used bullet casings, which can be recycled back into usable bullets
  • Price: 2 Silver Per Bullet Cashing


  • Without this, even the best vehicle is just a bunch of scrap metal
  • Price: 500 Silver Per Fuel

High Density Battery

  • A charging device unique to new energy vehicles. It can rapidly recharge a vehicle's battery
  • Price: 500 Silver Per High Density Battery

Simple Bandage

  • Portable medical supplies essential for survival
  • Price: 60 Silver Bandage


  • A drug that can effectively prevent viral infection
  • Price: 120 Silver Antibody

End of Undawn Clint MaterialsStore.