Everything About | Undawn Training Rally Event

Training Rally is a new event in Undawn. You can take part in the specified game mode to obtain bonus rewards & points which you can use it to exchange in the store. Check out down below:

Event Rules & Details

Training Rally Event | Undawn

Undawn Training Rally is a New event that is available from 05/19/2023 to 18/10/2023.

Take part in certain activities during the event to get additional rewards. You will get 6 missions to complete daily and each mission will grant you back a reward. Missions will refresh daily Please complete your missions and claim the rewards on time. 

  • Note: You also gain Training Rally Medal Points after completing the mission that can be used to exchange for more rewards in the shop.

Mission Rewards

Training Rally Event Rewards | Undawn

  • Training Rally Medal Points
  • Armor Plate Supply Crate
  • Talent Points
  • Alloy Reinforcement Coating
  • Gala Souvenir
  • Training Rally Pack
  • Camp Contribution Currency
  • Gift of Ravens Pack
  • Red Rose
  • Silicon Carbide Particles (Lv.1)

Exchange Shop

Training Rally Medal points will expire when the event ends, so don't forget to spend it!

Training Rally Event Shop | Undawn

  • Accessory Blue Print (Lv1) - Limit 5. 
  • Bag of 5000 Silver - Limit 5.
  • Materials Pack - Limit 5.
  • Alloy Reinforcement Coating - Limit 5.