Snowfall Surprise Event in Undawn

Get to know Everything About the Snowfall Surprise event in Undawn. You will get a lot of rewards by spinning the snowfall wheel. Check out here.

Event Details

Snowfall Surprise Event in Undawn

Snowfall Surprise is a new event in Undawn that is available for 30 days. During the event players can draw the wheel and get a chance to obtain great prizes from it. 

Event Rules

1. The event has 6 rounds in total, with 10 chances to draw from the wheel box each round. Every time you draw all the contents of a box, you can try your hand at getting a grand prize on the left. 

2. The Prize of the first draw is 40 RC and the prize will increase if you continue to draw as follows: 40 RC, 60 RC, 70 RC, 80 RC, 100 RC. Or you can choose to draw to open 1 round with the cost of 400 RC.

3. Draw 10 times you will be guaranteed Grand Prize Pool!

4. When you draw the wheel box you will get a chance to get a Wintry Key, which gives you an immediate chance to get a free draw and an extra reward.

Event Prizes

Prizes that have already been drawn will not go back into the prize pool again.

Draw Wheel Grand Prize

  • Fantasy Ice Explorer: 2.21% chance
  • Chip Component Treasure Chest: 13.96% chance
  • Superconductive Core: 12.11% chance
  • Freezing Point Sequence: 19.38% chance
  • Talent Points (M): 34.89% chance
  • Coupon: 17.45% chance

Left Gift Box Prizes

  • Ice Snow Key: 10.83% chance
  • Alloy Reinforcement Coating: 7.82% chance
  • Silicon Carbide Particles (Lv.1): 7.82% chance
  • Armor Plate Supply Crate: 7.82% chance
  • Accessory Blueprint (Lv.1): 7.04% chance
  • Ionic Membrance: 7.04% chance
  • Synthesis Reagent: 23.47% chance
  • Rotor Parts: 7.04% chance
  • Special Training Doctrine: 7.04%
  • 5000 Sliver: 14.08%