Everything You Need to Know | Miracle Link Event Undawn

Miracle Link Event is a New Event in Undawn. You can enjoy the Fruit Spin Draw and earn a lot of rewards plus the Score Point which you can use it to exchange in the store. Check out

Event Details & Rules

Miracle Link Event in Undawn

Miracle Link Event is a New Event in Undawn that is available from 10/082023 to 23/08/2023.

  • Rules: In this event, you can Draw and Earn Corresponding Fruit Medals to get rewards. A Question mark indicates a random medal.
    • If there is no corresponding reward, earn Score Points instead that you can exchange for a variety of goods in the store.
  • Price Per Draw: You will need to Spent 100RC Currency Per 1 Draw & 450RC Currency Per 5 Draws.
  • Note: You can get 1 Free Draw every day when you first attempt this event.
  • Spent Rewards: You will get a reward if you spent up to 10, 30, or 50 Draws in this event.  
    • If you Draw 10 times you will get 10 Rewards that contain 20Score per reward.
    • If you Draw 30 times you will get 30 Rewards that contain 60Score per reward.
    • If you Draw 50 times you will get 50 Rewards that contain 100Score per reward.

Draw Rewards

Miracle Link Event Rewards in Undawn

After you Draw in this event and get the Corresponding Fruit Medals you will get rewards as we mention inside the image:

  •  Milky Way Blue Storm Key - 3 Pineapple Fruit Medals
  • Superconductive Core Modifier - 3 Strawberry Fruit Medals
  • Breakthrough SCAR Finish Skin - 3 Grapes Fruit Medals
  • Unworried Bunny Head Skin - 2 Pineapple Fruit Medals + 1 Question Mark Random Medal (Any Fruit Medal except the Pineapple).
  • Petal Notes Skin - 2 Strawberry Fruit Medals + 1 Question Mark Random Medal (Any Fruit Medal except the Strawberry).
  • Nanocrystalline Core Modifier - 2 Grapes Fruit Medals + 1 Question Mark Random Medal (Any Fruit Medal except the Grape).

Miracle Link Store

Miracle Link Event Store in Undawn

You can use the Score Points to exchange a lot of rewards as we mention in the image above:

  • Milky Way Blue Storm: 3000 Score Points
  • Breakthrough SCAR Finish: 1250 Score Points
  • Unworried Bunny: 650 Score Points
  • Petal Notes: 300 Score Points
  • Chip Component Treasure Chest: 300 Score Points
  • Nanocrystalline Core: 30 Score Points
  • Silicon Carbine Particles Lv.2: 10 Score Points
  • Camp Contribution Gift Pack: 15 Score Points
  • Talent Points(M): 5 Score Points
  • Bag of 2000 Silver: 10 Score Points
  • Small Bag of Silver: 1 Score Point