Golden Desert Treasure Event in Undawn

Get to know Everything About the Golden Desert Treasure Event in Undawn. You can get awesome rewards in this Golden Desert Treasure Event. Check out down below:

Event Info

Golden Desert Treasure Event | Undawn - zilliongamer

Golden Desert Treasure is a New Event in Undawn where you can spend RC Currency Points to draw a wheel and win back awesome rewards, weapon skin, vehicle, and appearance outfit.

This Event lasts for 30 days in the game don't forget to participate in this event and get your lucky rewards.

Event Rule

1. The Price to Draw a Wheel in this event cost 70RC Per Draw & 700RC for 10 Draws.

2. The event is divided into an Inner Circle Prize Pool and an Outer Circle Prize Pool. Each draw from the Outer Circle increases your Luck by a certain amount. The Higher your luck, the greater your chances of obtaining a unique item. 

3. You also can obtain a Lucky Key to get a free draw or when your Luck reaches 100, you must open the Inner Circle's advanced reward pool, where you can randomly receive one high-level reward from the Inner Circle for free then your Luck will reset back to 0.

4. Inner Circle Prize Pool has 6 rewards and when you obtain all 6 rewards from the Inner Circle and complete this event, you cannot enter the raffle after completing the event.

5. During the Outer Circle prize drawing period, a discount coupon has a chance to suddenly appear. This coupon can be applied during the next Outer Circle prize draw for one free draw.

6. Additional rewards earned during the event will be sent automatically to your backpack. If your Backpack is full they will be sent via mail.

Event Rewards Chance

  • Golden Storm Wheel: 13.49%
  • Blade Hunter CG Vehicle: 13.49%
  • Lucky Key: 0.34%
  • Tuner: 14.98%
  • City of Sin Set: 13.49%
  • Vanguard Key: 11.06%
  • Discount Coupon: 10.21%
  • Amethyst HK416 Finish: 8.85%
  • Nanocrystalline Core: 7.75%
  • Secret Golde Chest (M): 3.0%
  • Exquisite Key: 0.5%
  • Arctic Wavelength x5: 44.26%
  • Secret Golde Chest (s): 35.98%
  • Normal Key x1: 11.99%
  • A little Silver: 10.28%
  • Freezing Point Sequence x30: 4.99%