Everything You Need to Know About Fireworks Party Undawn

Fireworks Party is a new Event in Undawn. You can enjoy the fireworks party with your friends, do some missions, earn rewards, & earn food ingredients gifts. Check out

Long Night Firefly Outfit

Long Night Firefly Outfit Undawn

Undawn has release their new Limited Time Outfit called Long Night Firefly which is only available for 13 days inside the game. With the Great Value of 1280 RC currency Points in the Outfit Store. 

Fireworks Party

Fireworks Party Undawn

Besides the Outfit above you guys can enjoy and chill up the Fireworks Party with your friends which is available Daily at 09:00 - 13:00 from 21/07/2023 to 2/08/2023. You can do a lot of activities with your friend like watching The Fireworks, Eating, & Receiving a Gift. 

Note: The Fireworks have a Timer of 14:30:00 Hours and when it goes down to 00 the Fireworks will start. To see Fireworks You also need to go to the event 5 minutes before it starts. 

Precious Moments

Precious Moments Undawn

In this Precious Moments, you guys can complete missions for 7 days in a row from 20/July to 26/July with a team of two. After completing the mission each day you will be rewarded with a Pack of Gifts & Fireworks Medal Points that can use it to buy in the Springtime Store.  

Summer Festival

Summer Festival Undawn

In this Summer Festival, you can obtain the Exclusive ingredients Claimable to cook delicacies with powerful attributes from the event by taking part in Fireworks Party & Completing Precious Moments Mission.

Midsummer Rendezvous

Midsummer Rendezvous Undawn

Midsummer Rendezvous is another mission in this event which you can complete it Solo or Duo and be rewarded with a Gift Pack & Fireworks Medal Points.

Note: All missions that have will be reset on Day 6 at 04:56:14.

Springtime or Summerfest General Store

Spring Time or Summerfest General Store Undawn

In this Store, you can buy a lot of things such as Food, Armor Plate Supply Crate, Accessory Blueprint Lv.1, Silver, Small Bag of Silver & Alloy Pack by using the Fireworks Medal Points.