Undawn | The Best (Level 60) Weapons Ranking Tier

Welcome to The Best Level 60 Weapons Ranking Tier in Undawn. Guide on which weapons has higher base damage, best weapons stats, without any attachment on it check out down below:

Tier S+

Best Level 60 Weapons Tier S+ in Undawn

AK-47 Assault Rifle

AK-47 is in Tier S+ Level 60 weapon and known as a close & mid-range firearm most trusted by survivors inside the world of Undawn. Without a doubt, AK-47 is the most higher base damage in Assault Rifle Weapon Level 60 but you need to have better Aim control if you want to use this weapon.

AK-15 Assault Rifle

AK-15 Assault Rifle is in Tier S+ Level 60 weapon this weapon is really similar to AK-47 the damage that it has it also high with a fast fire rate and easy-to-control recoil while spraying. This AK-15 is really popular in PVP to destroy the enemy.

PP-19 Bizon

PP-19 Bizon is a Tier S+ Level 60 weapon. This gun is really smooth when shooting if we compare to other gun and also easy to control. Moreover, it has a great amount of Ammo Capacity which is great to use and running down your enemy at close and mid range in PVP Mode.  


Vector is a Tier S+ Level 60 weapon with the highest Fire Rate of 870. Moreover, Vector is easy to control, and with the fast fire rate that it has you can kill the Enemy or the Boss so quickly. And if you build a Critical Stats on it it will become even more powerful. 

M249 Light Machine Gun

M249 is a Tier S+ Level 60 weapon with the longest sustained firepower. The Barrel is quickly replaceable.

Tier S

Best Level 60 Weapons Tier S in Undawn

HK416 Assault Rifle

HK416 is in Tier S Level 60 weapon and is known for only moderate recoil and difficulty of use, this is a weapon that is suited for use in most situations. 

Scar Assault Rifle

Scar is in Tier S Level 60 weapon. This gun has one of the best Recoil than the other Assault rifles with a great capacity and can be modified for sniping or close-quarters combat.

M134 Heavy Machine Gun

M134 Heavy Machine is in Tier S Level 60 weapon this heavy weapon has an incredibly high firing rate that provides sustained firepower. 

B39 Biotic Rifle

B39 Biotic Rilfe is in Tier S Level 60 weapon that has a multi-functional heavy weapon that provides damage and also heals injured survivors & skill strength with use.

Tier A

Best Level 60 Weapons Tier A in Undawn

MPX Submachine Gun

MPX Submachine Gun is in Tier A Level 60 weapon. It is great to use in close- and mid-range combat which has good handling and stable spray control. 

Tier B

Best Level 60 Weapons Tier B in Undawn

Origin 12

For Origin 12 Shotgun I'm kinda not like this gun's performance it seems to deal less damage with Slow Fire Rate but this gun is good to use in PVE killing the Zombie. For Those who want to Craft this Origin-12, you can still consider it again.