Undawn | The Best (Level 10) Weapons Ranking Tier

Welcome to The Best Level 10 Weapons Ranking Tier In Undawn. Which weapons have higher base damage, and great weapon stat without equipping any attachments on it check out down below: 

Note: The Higher Star in Accuracy & Horizontal Stability stats means a higher difficulty stability control of each weapon.  

AK-47 Tier S+

AK47 Level 10 Weapon in Undawn

AK-47 is in Tier S+ Level 10 weapon and known as a close & mid-range firearm most trusted by survivors inside the world of Undawn. With no doubt, AK-47 is the most higher base damage in Weapon Level 10.

Base Damage100-125
Additional Stats2-6
Rate of Fire/Min600
Accuracy Stability★★★★
Horizontal Stability

HK416 Tier S

HK416 Level 10 Weapon in Undawn

HK416 is in Tier S Level 10 weapon and is known for only moderate recoil and difficulty of use, this is a weapon that is suited for use in most situations. 

Base Damage80-100
Additional Stats2-6
Rate of Fire/Min667
Accuracy Stability★★★
Horizontal Stability

M3 Shotgun Tier A

M3 Shotgun Level 10 Weapon in Undawn

The M3 Shotgun is a Tier A Level 10 weapon that is known as an improvement on the semi-automatic M1. It has high burst damage that good to use in close range. 

Base Damage70-88
Additional Stats2-6
Rate of Fire/Min67
Accuracy Stability★★★
Horizontal Stability


MPX SMG Level 10 Weapon in Undawn

MPX SMG is a Tier B Level 10 weapon inspired by the AR series, this gun has good handling and is stable with a good amount of magazine. This gun is good in close & mid-range situations.

Base Damage63-79
Additional Stats2-6
Rate of Fire/Min790
Accuracy Stability★★
Horizontal Stability

Steel Pipe Knife Tier C

Steel Pipe Knife Level 10 Weapon in Undawn

Steel Pipe Knife is a Tier C Level 10 weapon that you can use as a substitute 2nd weapon when you are out of ammo. But this improvised knife deals average damage and has poor durability.  

Base Damage134-168

This is just our idea that can help you guys choose a good level 10 weapon that you comfort when using it and got more understanding about each weapon's stats. For How to Craft Each Weapon above you can click => This Link to get full information.