Best Sniper Rifle Tier List in Undawn

Get to know detailed information about which one is the Best Sniper Rifle Tier List in Undawn. Check out here in this article.

Note: The Stat of the Heavy Weapon below is from Level 70. In the current version of Undawn there are only 4 Sniper Rifle inside the game check out which one is the best.

M82 Heavy Sniper Rifle

M82 Heavy Sniper Rifle in Undawn

M82 Heavy Sniper Rifle I will give it in Tier S. This gun is great in armor-piercing and high explosive rounds and deals splash damage, great ammo capacity too. Great to use in PVP Mode. 

The performance in the game can take Zombie in One Shot and also deal great damage to Boss Zombie. But when using this gun you should find a better spot when shooting and not recommend using it when there is a group of zombies. 

Base Damage2146-2689
Additional Stats2-6
Rate of Fire/Min40
Accuracy Stability★★
Horizontal Stability
Bullet Replenished15s / 1 Bullet

M24 Sniper Rifle

M24 Sniper Rifle in Undawn

M24 Sniper Rifle is in Tier A. Because this M24 is famous for its high accuracy, smooth curves, elegant appearance, and also has great Fire Rate too. M24 can be the best combo weapon to use as long-range in PVP mode.

Base Damage1204-1509
Additional Stats2-6
Rate of Fire/Min43
Accuracy Stability★★
Horizontal Stability

R700 Sniper Rifle

R700 Sniper Rifle in Undawn

R700 Sniper Rifle is also in Tier A.  As we know R700 Sniper Rifle has lower damage if we compare it to other snipers but this Sniper is a Player Favorite it is easy to get and is the fast Firerate Sniper and good to use in PVP Mode.

Base Damage1176-1473
Additional Stats2-6
Rate of Fire/Min50
Accuracy Stability★★
Horizontal Stability

TRG Sniper Rifle

TRG Sniper Rifle in Undawn

TRG Sniper Rifle is in Tier B. This sniper can deal good damage but seem not a player favorite this sniper is hard to get you need to Reach Level 70 and also need a higher Firearm Master to craft this Sniper and didn't worth to craft. 

Base Damage1234-1548
Additional Stats2-6
Rate of Fire/Min38
Accuracy Stability★★
Horizontal Stability