Best Assault Rifle Weapon Tier List in Undawn

Get to know detailed information about which are the Best Assault Rifle weapon tier list in Undawn. Check out here in this article. Down below is the Top 4 Best Assault Rifle in Undawn.

Note: The Stat of the Assault Rifle below is from Level 60 Weapon. 

AK47 Assault Rifle

There is no doubt AK47 is the King in this Assault Rifle Weapon and also has higher damage and also when you shoot at the enemy's weak point it will deal bleeding damage & slow them.

The Performance in the game deal great damage in both PvE & PvP mode it takes only 4-5 bullets to take down 1 target. This gun has higher recoil so for players who are good at controlling the gun while spraying this AK-47 is the best choice.  

Best AK47 Assault Rifle Weapon Undawn

Base Damage186-233
Additional Stats2-6
Rate of Fire/Min600
Accuracy Stability★★★★
Horizontal Stability

AK15 Assault Rifle

AK15 take the Second Best Assault Rifle Weapon. This gun is nearly similar to AK47 but the damage is a bit lower than AK47. For the Recoil Control & Fire Rate, AK15 is better than AK-47, and its specialized talent caused 16% armor penetration to the enemy.  

Best AK15 Assault Rifle Weapon Undawn

Base Damage181-226
Additional Stats2-6
Rate of Fire/Min619
Accuracy Stability★★★★
Horizontal Stability

HK416 Assault Rifle

HK416 get Third Place among Assault Rifle weapon. The Performance in the game HK416 is best for some players that have bad Aim. With Less Recoil and a fast fire rate, this gun can suit in every situation best for Long & close-range spray and is also good in PvP mode as well. 

Best HK416 Assault Rifle Weapon Undawn

Base Damage149-187
Additional Stats2-6
Rate of Fire/Min667
Accuracy Stability★★★
Horizontal Stability

Scar Assault Rifle

Scar took the Last Place in Assault rifle weapons. It's not a bad weapon but if we compare it to the 3 weapons above Scar has less damage with the recoil that it has is bad at long-range fight. But the benefit to use this weapon is it has a great magazine & fire rate that can melt down the enemy at close range. 

Best Scar Assault Rifle Weapon Undawn

Base Damage147-185
Additional Stats2-6
Rate of Fire/Min653
Accuracy Stability★★★
Horizontal Stability