5 Main Things to Know About Level 70 Update in Undawn

As you guys know The New Level 70 Update will be coming into Undawn Soon! So here are 5 Main Things you need to know before the update comes. Check out:

New Map: Golden Desert

Undawn has added a New Map Called Golden Desert. Once a vibrant tourist hotspot for rally races and music festivals but now buried beneath the sand. Golden Desert holds secrets of military-restricted zones and UFO Legends

You can explore motels, oases, and the hauntingly beautiful desert wilderness teeming with desert antelopes, foxes, and coyotes. 

New Roles: Troubadour & Highwayman

2 New Roles are also added to Undawn Troubadour & Highwayman.

  • Troubadour Roles: Meet the Troubadour who can play 5 instruments (electric guitar, bass, keytar, wooden crate, and djembe) in the Band & Road Tour Mode arriving August 31. Level Requirement 75
  • Highwayman Roles: Who can modify and tune your vehicles for better performance on September 14. Turn on the auto-pilot and radio while driving for a musical adventure! Level Requirement 79.

New Events

There are 4 New events In Golden Desert a fresh threat emerges, prompting Ravens Shelter to launch an investigation.

  • Camp Supplies: Engage in this daily duty for ample supplies and unlock the exclusive musical instrument Call of the Blue and Epic furniture like Jade Eye and Gold Leaf Fan.
  • Frontline Rescue: Participate in the weekly missions for Army Desert Supplies exchangeable for alloy and modification packs.
  • Beast Intel: Join forces with Catherine to rescue the missing investigation team and unveil the truth behind the enigmatic threat.
  • Fast Ops: Test-Drive vehicles on the Golden Desert race track and showcase driving prowess in Raven Shelter's disaster survival drills!

New Game Modes

You also get 5 New Game Modes that come in the Level 70 Update. 

  • Wilderness Whirlwind: Get ready for an exhilarating race in the scorching desert! Wilderness Whirlwind replaces the Raging Seas game mode every Monday Night.
  • Foggy Battle: Hunt for vital resources left behind by the rescue squad in the murky Blockade zone. Foggy Battle replaces Camp Patrol every Tuesday.
  • Nightmare Special Op - Helia Military Base: The Ravens have decided to venture into the heavily guarded Helia Airbase to destroy the giant mecha and powerful drones.
  • Training Match - PVP Hotspot Combat Mode: The New Doomsday Training Ground desert map, claiming various hotspots throughout the map to achieve victory and unlock fantastic rewards.
  • Exploration Modes such as Portable Drone System, Climb High Challenge, Desert Supply Crates, & Cave Exploration.

New Games Features

There are a bunch of New Game Features that drop in the Level 70 Update.

  • Defense Expertise: Unlock the exclusive skill Tactical Shield and the heavy weapon gun shield SH95.
  • Gene Synthesis System: Reach Level 70 and complete the Genetic Recombination Program mission to unlock the gene synthesis system.
  • Custom Room Feature: Starting From September 28, players above level 80 will be able to invite their friends and fellow camp members into a room where they can set the rules of combat!
  • Character Makeover: You can use a Customization Card to enter the customization interface where you can reset and reselect your character's gender and appearance.
  • New Weapons Added: SVD marksman Rifle, AK-Alfa Assault Rifle, and new Melee Weapons.
  • Pet Appearance System: Change your beloved pet's appearance with this new system, accessible from the lower-right corner of the pet management screen. Husky and Shiba Inu Models have been optimized.
  • New Giant Aberration Boss: Giant Desert Lizard will be added in the Desert Map.