How to Get Juniper Wood in Undawn

This article will be helpful if you just start playing Undawn and try to get Juniper Wood but don't know how to find it. Well just follow our 2 easy steps below then you won't have any hard time finding Juniper Wood anymore.

1. Go to Koller Mines Area & Find the Trees

How to Find Juniper Wood in Undawn

Here is a tip for you to find Juniper Wood Location inside the game. Open the map and Use Fast Travel to Goldrush Village which has a lot of trees inside the Koller Mines Area. After you arrive at the location try to find Taller Tree Lv.3 resources around you that contain the resources where you can farm for Juniper Wood materials.

Note: Try to Unlock All Road Sign Fast Travel inside the Koller Mines Area First before you use it & You will be able to gather Juniper Wood when reach Character Level 50

2. Go Close to the Tree & Cut it Down

How to Get Juniper Wood in Undawn

After you follow our first step, it's time to Log for the Juniper Wood that you are looking for. Go close to the tree and use your Axe to cut it down. But, Before you cut it down it will pop up a small box that shows you that you will get a Lower% chance to get Juniper Wood than Juniper Resin.

With only 2 steps above you are no longer struggling to find Juniper Wood and can get it as much as you want for free & easily inside the game.