How to Get Heart of Palm in Undawn

This article will be helpful if you just start playing Undawn and try to get Heart of Palm but don't know how to find it. Well just follow our 2 steps below then you won't have any hard time finding Heart of Palm anymore.

1. Go to Golden Desert Loop in the MiniMap

How to Spot Heart of Palm in Undawn

Heart of Palm is only available in the Golden Desert Area. In the Golden Desert Area, there is a place called Golden Desert Loop that has a lot of resources which you can see it in the minimap. When you reach at Golden Desert Loop try to find Palm Trees Level 4 Resources as we mention in the image above. 

Note: Try to Unlock All Road Signs Fast Travel inside the Golden Desert Area First and it will be easy for you to travel around & You will be able to gather Heart of Palm when reach Character Level 70

2. Go Close to the Palm Trees & Cut it Down

How to Gett Heart of Palm in Undawn

After you follow our first step, it's time to log the Heart of Palm that you are looking for. Go close to the Palm Trees and Use your Axe Level 4 to cut it down.  

With only 2 steps above you are no longer struggling to find Heart of Palm and can get it as much as you want for free & go back to your homestead and put it inside the Raw Material to Refine it.