How to Get Boxwood Roots in Undawn

This article will show you guys on How to get Boxwood Roots in Undawn. With just 2 easy steps then you won't have any hard time finding Boxwood Roots anymore.  

1. Go to Aurich Island 

How to Spot Boxwood Roots in Undawn

You need to know that Boxwood Roots is only available inside the Aurich Island area. Use Fast Travel inside the minimap to Aurich Island and then find Tree Level 5 Resource nearby you as we mention in the image above. 

Note: You need to reach Character Level 90 first in order to farm for Boxwood Roots inside Aurich Island.

2. Go Close to the Tree Level 5 & Cut it Down

How to Get Boxwood Roots in Undawn

After you spot a Tree Level 5 resource, go close to the tree and use your Level 5 Axe to log the Boxwood Roots that you are looking for and you can farm it for free as much as you want.

With only 2 steps above you are no longer struggling to find Boxwood Roots and can get it as much as you want for free & go back to your homestead and put it inside the Raw Material to Refine it.