How to Get Animal Sinew in Undawn

This article will be helpful if you just start playing Undawn and try to get Animal Sinew but don't know how to find it. Well just follow our 2 steps below then you won't have any hard time finding Animal Sinew anymore.

1. Find the Red Meat Leg Icon in Minimap

How to Spot Animal Sinew in Undawn

Here is a tip for you to find Animal Sinew location inside the game. Use Fast Travel inside the map then go to Central Plains Area. After you arrive at the location this is an easy-to-spot Animal Sinew, look at the Minimap then you will see a Red Meat Leg Icon & that is where the Animal Sinew is located.

Note: Animal Sinew is only available to gather when you reach Character Lvl.30 & inside the Central Plains Area.

2. Look For Wild Animals

How to Get Animal Sinew in Undawn

After you follow our first step, You will see some different types of Lv.2 wild animals such as Bison, Plains Wolf, Tukey, and Shallow Water Crocodiles. when you arrive at the Red Meat Leg Icon. Be careful some of the animals are harmful they can attack when you are near them.

Use your Weapon to kill them and then go close to the body and hunt it to get Animal Sinew that you want. But the chance that you can get Animal Sinew is lower % than Small Animal Hide.

With only 2 steps above you are now no longer struggling to find Animal Sinew and can get it as much as you want for free & easily.