How to Unlock & Earn XP Highwayman Role

Highwayman is a New Role that just added to Undawn. This article will guide you on How to Unlock & Earn XP Highwayman Role. Check out.

How to Unlock Highwayman Role

Highwayman is a new role that allows you to modify and tune your vehicles for better performance. Turn on the auto-pilot and radio while driving for a musical adventure!

How to Unlock Highwayman Role in Undawn

To Unlock Highwayman role in Undawn. First, you need to reach Character Level 79 and then Go to the Mission BoardScroll down and Click [Tutorial] Highwayman Mission> Go and Meet the Master Highwayman > After Meeting Master Highwayman you can now unlock the Highwayman Role.

How to Earn XP in Highwayman Role

To Earn Highwayman XP you can follow our 2 steps down below. And you need to keep in mind that Highwayman XP can earn only 1600 per day & 8000 per week.

First Step

You can earn Highwayman XP by just Driving your vehicle or Unlock more vehicle-related gameplay and features as you level up the Highwayman role. But the XP that you can get from this first step is not that much. 

Second Step

How to Earn XP Highwayman Role in Undawn

Here is the second step you can earn a lot of Highwayman XP by just taking part of the Race Extravaganza event. Click on Race Extravaganza > Then Select All Races Modes and choose the race that you want to race as we mention it in the image above. 

But we recommend you to race in Back to the Beach it only takes 1 minute for you to race and the difficulty is a bit easy.