This article will show you guys on How to go to the Aurich Island location in Undawn with a few easy steps. Check out down below:

First Step

Aurich Island is a location in the world of Undawn. It is the beautiful, sand beaches once made this island an incredibly popular destination. Aurich Island is not a place that everyone can go, In order to go to the Island you need to reach Character Level 90

Second Step

How to go to Aurich Island in Undawn

After you reach Character Level 90, you need to use Fast Travel to Koller Dock inside the Koller Mines area. Then go to meet the NPC called Mr. Goblen (The Misty Island Route) > Ask Him to take you to Aurich Island as we mentioned in the image above.  


With the two easy steps above, you're finally able to go to Aurich Island and enjoy your exploration points inside the Aurich Island area.