Tower of Fantasy Global Release Date, Close Beta & Update

Here is the information about Tower of Fantasy global release date, close beta, and more updates.

Tower of Fantasy Global Close Beta

After being successfully released in China region in December, since then a lot of things have been fixed and improved gameplay make them getting more popular so now Tower of Fantasy start hosting a close beta test for Global to compete with others MMORPG games.

Tower of Fantasy close beta will be available on Both Pc and mobile so make you already registered and get an invitation before 1 April. The beta test will start in April and the Closed Beta will come in 2 languages such as English and Japanese.

Tower of Fantasy Global Release Date

Tower of Fantasy: Character - zilliongamer

According to their game trailer, Tower of Fantasy is set to be officially released in 2022, since the game beta phase is about 3-6 months long so we expect to see this game release in late 2022. There isn't any confirmation about the release date yet but it will be coming soon. We will update more information regarding the release date and more game guides related to this game soon so stay soon for more!!

End of Tower of Fantasy Global Release Date, Close Beta & Update

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